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The current version of BibleLandImages accommodates new pages as they are launched weekly through 2022.
The final site will include a proper index and navigation system.

Latest Pages

Phase One: New pages appear every Tuesday by 8:00 AM (MT), with the most recent page on top. I update pages as I work on the site’s style guide and structure. I will complete Phase One by Christmas 2022.

Phase Two: In early 2023 I will begin adding historical site notes and regional pages, supported by more aerial photography (e.g., Upper Galilee, Hula Valley, Coastal Plain, the Shephela, Negev, etc.).

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Most Recent Page

Hazor (Tell el-Qidah)

August 23, 2022: Mount Tabor

August 30, 2022: Cana of Galilee

September 6, 2022: I'm skipping this week
to update current pages with the
latest Bible Land Images style guide.

September 13, 2022: Kfar Baram