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Jerusalem – El Aksa Mosque

(Temple Mount)

View Southwest: This photo shows the El Aksa Mosque’s north side and main entrance. The first mosque was built in 705 AD, but an earthquake destroyed it in 748 AD. It was rebuilt several times over the centuries. The El Aksa Mosque is the second oldest mosque and the third holiest site in Islam.

View Southwest: The east side of the El Aksa Mosque.

View Southeast: The main entrance of the mosque.

View Northeast: The southwest corner of the Temple Mount with the Moors Gate entrance (far left–only entrance for non-Muslims), the remains of Robinson’s Arch (center left), and the El Aksa Mosque (top right).

View West: This photo shows the southeast corner of the Temple Mount and the traditional pinnacle of the temple where Satan came to tempt Jesus after He had fasted and prayed for forty days in the Judean Wilderness.

View West: The east side of the El Aksa Mosque. The interior pictures (below) were taken through the windows behind the fence (center). Only Muslims are allowed in the mosque.

View East: The west side of the El Aksa Mosque, as you come through the Moors or Morocco gate onto the Temple Mount.