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Banias Archaeological Park

(Northern Hula Valley)

This page (Banias Archaeological Park) is a work in progress. I will finish photographing the park at the end of 2022 with up-to-date aerial photography. There’s been a lot of excavation since Google took this image. The final draft will include proper captions, etc. For now, read the explanations on the park plaques below (click to enlarge).

Satellite Map

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Palace of Agrippa II

Herod Agrippa II and Bernice

Wiki: “Apostle Paul On Trial” by Nikolai Bodarevsky, 1875. Agrippa and Berenice are both seated on thrones.

Herod Agrippa II (27 AD-92 AD) was the great-grandson of Herod the Great and the last ruler of the Herodian dynasty.

The Apostle Paul defended himself before Agrippa in Acts 26, giving his testimony of Jesus Christ. The trial took place in Caesarea on the coast of Palestine, so I will have more to say about it there.

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