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Sample Photos

The completed website will provide extensive notes on sites and places, regional geographies, applicable Bible verses, and brief historical commentaries.

View North: The Banias Nature Reserve lies between the Hula Valley and Mount Hermon. The ancient site is called Caesarea Philippi in the Gospels of Matthew and Mark.

View North: Mount Hermon (winter snow).

View North: Source of the Jordan River at Tel Dan.

View North: Acco (Mediterranean Sea).

View South: Port of Dor on the Mediterranean Coast.

View North: Haifa Bay (Coastline).

View North: Sea of Galilee (Northern Shore).

View East: Mount Tabor (left), Jezreel Valley (center), and Mount Moreh (right) from Mount Precipice (Nazareth).

View South (aerial): Tel Megiddo with mountains of Samaria in the background.

View North: Tel Beit She’an (background) with the later Roman site (foreground).

View west: Caesarea (Roman Theater).

View East: Jerusalem (Dome of the Rock).

View South: Judean Wilderness south of Wadi Qelt and the modern road running between Jerusalem and Jericho.

View West: Jericho (Mount of Temptation).

View South: Masada (near western approach).

View Northeast: Hebron (Tomb of the Patriarchs).

View North: Tel Beersheba (Patriarch’s Well).

View West: Tel Arad (Temple Holy of Holies).

View East: Nahal Zin with Ben Gurion’s gravesite.