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Mount Hermon

Welcome to Bible Land Images!

Israel FlowersIf you plan to visit Israel, this site will help you prepare. It should also help anyone who wants to know what the land looks like today. The site is free, so take your time. Explore the Holy Land in all its splendor and beauty.

Click any photo on the site to get an enlarged view. For example, try clicking the thumbnail photos on this page. Click here to download one or more of the sliding photos above. See the “Legend” page for photo-size details.

Project phases:

Phase 1: Finish the photography, putting up new pages as fast as possible.

Phase 2: Add extensive notes on sites, places, and regions. The notes will include history, geography, archaeology, and Bible studies.

Unique Features

Bible Land Images uses non-destructive map and photo overlays to help you learn the land of the Bible. The map and photo below are from the Capernaum page. Click the images to display an enlarged view. Click “Toggle Overlay” to show or hide the overlay. It disappears if you resize your screen to adjust for the change. Click “Toggle Overlay” again to redisplay.

All 3x2 photos are 1000 pixels wide. Maps and panoramic views are at least 1200 pixesl wide (some are more). See Photo Usage Policy below.

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View East: Sea of Galilee surrounded by New Testament cities (light orange).

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View East (aerial photo): The north shore of the Sea of Galilee with both east (Church of the Twelve Apostles) and west (The White Synagogue) Capernaum in view.

Other Overlay Examples

Banias – Caesarea Philippi; Nimrod’s Fortress.


Bible Land Images uses videos, including aerial videos that show a site or place in the context of its surroundings. This is a great way to learn the land of the Bible.

Galilee aerial (2:48 min): The video was taken from above the Horns of Hattin, an extinct volcano with two peaks overlooking all of Galilee. It was the site of Saladin’s victory over the Crusaders in 1187 AD.

Jericho, view west (0:38 secs): The Camels are walking through the outskirts of Jericho! The young Bedouin boy wanted to know where I was from. A neighbor across the street translated for us.

Photo Usage Policy

You may download photos free of charge for non-commercial, educational purposes: home, church, synagogue, or school. You must, however, give proper attribution on or below each image to either or (as the case may be). The photos may not be used on other internet sites.

By downloading a photo, you agree to this policy. If you have questions about it or need a commercial license, please contact me via email:

Arab woman - Jerusalem

Jewish man - Jerusalem Western Wall

Damascus Gate

View north: Jerusalem Old City inside the Damascus gate.

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View East: Sea of Galilee surrounded by New Testament cities (light orange).

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View East (aerial photo) The north shore of the Sea of Galilee with both east and west Capernaum in view.

Masada - Western Valley

View southwest: The photo was taken from Masada overlooking the western valley.

Wadi Hamam

View west: The photo was taken below Mount Arbel looking down at Wadi Hamam.

Judean Shephelah

View south: The photo was taken from Azekah overlooking the Judean Shephelah.

Arab woman - Jerusalem

Arab woman selling vegetables – The photo was taken near the Damascus gate, Jerusalem.

Jewish man - Jerusalem Western Wall

Jewish man – The photo was taken at the Western Wall, Jerusalem.

Israel Flowers