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Panoramic Views

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Mount Hermon - March 2022

Northwestern shore of the Sea of Galilee

The northern and eastern shores of the Sea of Galilee from the hills west of the Jordan River Delta

Jezreel Valley looking east toward Mount Tabor (left) and Mount Moreh (right)

The Mediterranean Sea - Caesarea and the city’s hippodrome (right)

Haifa Bay from Mount Carmel with Acco/Ptolemais (top center)

Tel Dor (upper left) - Mediterranean Sea south of Mount Carmel

Beit Netofa Valley - Aerial view east with mountains of Lower Galilee

Tel Megiddo - Aerial view south with mountains of Samaria in the background

Kefar Baram Synagogue - Upper Galilee

Nahal Arugot near the western shore of the Dead Sea - South of En Gedi

Dead Sea between Nahal Arugot and Masada - The mountain coast of Jordan is also visible (top)

Nahal Zin from Ben Gurion’s gravesite - Western Negev

Dome of the Rock - Jerusalem

Western Wall - Jerusalem

Traditional Shepherd’s Field - Bethlehem

Church of the Nativity - Bethlehem