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Site Legend

Key to colors, photo sizes, and miscellaneous site information.

Color Key (maps and photos)

Description Color Example
Ancient sites #FFCC00 - rgb(255, 204, 0) Nazareth
Site markers: New Testament,
Old Testament, Other
#FF0000 - rgb(255, 0, 0)
Arrows Depends on background
Modern sites #FFFFFF - rgb(255, 255, 255) Tel Aviv
Water #0098FF - rgb(0, 152, 255) Sea of Galilee
(mountains, valleys, etc.)
#00A900 - rgb(0, 169, 0) Mount Tabor
Notes (boxes, roads) #CC3300 - rgb(204,51,0) Road from Cana
Countries #F9610D - rgb(249,97,13) Israel
Region titles #FF9900 - rgb(255,153,0) Upper Galilee
Structures #FF3300 - rgb(255,51,0) Church of the

Photo Sizes

Resolution: 72 ppi
Every square inch is 72 pixels high and 72 pixels wide (web/screen standard)*

Page Photos
Pixels Kilobytes Description
800 250 Panoramic
400 150 2x3
Enlarged Photos (use to download)
Pixels Kilobytes Description
1200 350 Panoramic
1000 350 2x3

*Contact me at if your application needs a print quality photo (300 ppi).

Video Specs

I’ve stopped putting up videos because, for now, they take too long to create. I’m focusing on the photos until the site is up, and I can go back to videos. Below are the video specs I’m currently using in case an expert out there has a suggestion. My main concern is buffering.

Premiere Pro 2022
Format H.264
Frame size HD (1280x720)
Frame rate 23.976
Field order Progressive
Profile Main
Level 41
Bitrate encoding VBR
Target bitrate (Mbps) 1 (higher rate results in buffering)
Audio format AAC
Audio codec AAC
Audio sample rate 44100 Hz
Audio channels stereo
Audio bitrate (kbps) 320